The Corner Palm is a coworking studio for everyone.

Photo by Holly McCauley for  Smack Bang Designs

Photo by Holly McCauley for Smack Bang Designs

When we first moved to Byron Bay, we couldn't believe how much passion and creativity there is in this town—everyone is creating the life they want to live. From perfecting their artistic skills, to building businesses, or creating community groups, there is so much greatness here.

We created The Corner Palm to bring these people together. To get us all out of our home offices, so we can support each other through the epic highs and crushing lows of the business of chasing dreams.

We won't tell you how to run your business or what your version of success should look like, but we'll be your pals every step on your journey. Come work with us everyday, or just now and then. 

We can't wait to see you,
Sean, Nat & Dan