The Podcasts We Can't Stop Listening To


If you're not addicted to podcasts yet, then Summer is the perfect downtime to get yourself hooked on the juiciest audio inspiration around. We asked the studio family to share what podcasts they can't get enough of right now ...

Tim Baxter, Who Gives A Crap 

Now we know why Tim is always full of interesting facts and tidbits, check out his long list of podcasts (and he said he still has more to recommend!).

Amanda Callan, Church Farm General Store

"The only podcast I’ve listened to constantly is The Pass, it’s Magdalena Roze’s podcast and she goes behind the scenes of some of Australia’s restaurants and speaks with the people making it happen. My favourites were the interview with Josh from the local fave Fleet and also one with Josh Niland from St Peters in Paddington in Sydney. Love listening to those masterminds talk food!"  🍴 🌶

Sharnee Thorpe, Wandering Folk

"My half hour commute each day is made easy with loads of podcasts! At the moment these are my two faves:

The Thrive Global Podcast hosted by Arianna Huffington - episode 8 with Venture Capitalist & tech guru Ashton Kutcher. Its awesome to hear that Ashton in focused on getting 8 hours of sleep, while still dominating the tech world! Has also has a great technique to tackling the overflowing inbox issue. 

How I build this podcast - with Guy Raz - episode about Burton Snowboards founder Jake Carpenter. Jake pretty much invented Snowboarding, its epic to hear his story of growth from making boards in a barn to building the largest snowboard brand in the world."

Danny Clayton, Salt Gypsy / Sea Bones

Somehow Danny finds time to run two thriving businesses AND listen to all these great podcasts! And kudos on all the Aussie inclusions here:

Esther Page, Future Dreamers

It was actually a chat with Esther that inspired this blog post! Here's what Esther told us to listen to:

Let us know what you're listening to in the comments!



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