#ICYMI: People Planet Profits


What responsibility do start-ups have in creating something that’s improving the world?


That’s the question we wanted to answer at last night’s panel event.

In case you couldn’t miss it, here’s a ‘Sparknotes’ version of what went down so you can preach the better business word at BBQs and other shindigs.


DAN FITZGERALD – left corporate finance and long lunches at fancy Sydney restaurants behind in the pursuit of some greater meaning in the world of investments. Now lives in Byron Bay and is the Chief Investment Office for Small Giants.

 What Dan said:

  • We start with impact when we consider investment proposals.
  • We don’t want to be massive, we want our reach and our impact to be massive.
  • Everything comes from the heart.


JASMIN DALY – was doing the corporate PR gig until she had a lightbulb moment backstage at Sunrise that she didn’t want to put on a mask to go to work anymore. Escaped to South America for a year and wound up back in Byron Bay as Stone & Wood’s Creative and Community Manager.

What Jas said:

  • As we grow, our suppliers grow. Treat them like family.
  • We’re focussed on supporting our community because they support us.
  • We have always stayed true to our visions and our values.


TIANA WALLACE ­– worked in high fashion for 20 years until she realised she didn’t want to style for brands that didn’t share her values anymore. Used her creative skills to help build awareness around sustainable fashion and has now created Coven Shoppe in Mullumbimby.

What Tiana said:      

  • I live my values – my business is a reflection of me.
  • It’s important to do your best.
  • Pointing fingers is not productive, we need to provide support and create discussion (around sustainable and ethical business practise).


If we had to sum up in one line?

Consider the environment and you protect your product inputs. Consider the community and you create a loyal and inspired customer base.


Further reading / listening

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These three businesses prove that it is possible to pursue profits and positive impact, and that this is the way the economy needs to be going, the way businesses need to operate ­– in fact, it’s the only way to operate in a world with finite resources, a world where we care about the people who make our products and the people that use them.

Look out for the next inspiring event coming soon!

Natalie Woods